Andy Twort took on the challenge to organise the Friday evening Autotest on the 29th June for the 6th round of the Motoplus Autotest Championship. He put together an Autotest that really challenged drivers driving skills, with severe penalties for hitting cones and wrong ways.

Here are the results for the event-

6th John Neil  3.38- 8 points
5th Chick Sport  3.31- 10 points
4th Jim Currie   3.29- 12 points
3rd Derek Beaton  2.54- 15 points
2nd Steve Evans 2.45- 18 points
1st  Craig Evans 2.21 – 25points
The remaining 6 drivers are classified as a non finishers, for double failing at least one of the two tests!
Some statistics from last night.
Number of runs   48
Failed tests – 22
Cones hit -26
Failure to stop astride/beyond – 71  – that’s a rather big number!
Lewis Car Club would like to thank Andy for putting together and running a great event!