Lewis Cars Clubs Motorsport day 2012 was held Saturday 5th May, with a number of great events planned for the day


The day kicked off with a 2 hour Karting Grand Prix, with 4 teams entered and impressive number of laps were put in by all teams and the winning team  was the team with the most laps


While the Grand Prix was taking place the car park area at Kart Centre was filling up with cars of all ages and sizes for the Show & Shine, Awards were given for Best in Show, Best Modern, Best Classic 60’s, 70’s 80’s & 90’s, Best Modified, Best Modified Classic, Best Bike, Best Engine Bay



After the Kart Grand prix it was the first of the Gymkhana/ Auto test events with a challenging Auto test course, and with over 20 drivers entering event with a wide variety of cars from MGF to a Vauxhall Carlton GSi. As the crowds arrived there was plenty action on the track as the members competed for the fastest time round the course without collecting any penalties along the way. The second of the Auto test was held at 4.30pm after the hilarity of the Gymkhana. Donald Macleod ‘Custard’ with the Team Riddle Ford Ka posted the fastest time of the day around the course with no penalties with Craig Evans coming in a close second

Members of the Junior Karting Club put on two 10 minute demonstration races. The crowds and LCC members were amazed at the driver talent and speed the juniors were showing around the Kart Centre Course



Onto the Parallel Parking now, entered drivers had to take the Lewis Car Club club car up to the correct speed and at the correct moment hand brake turn the car into the boxed off parking space 1foot longer than the Vauxhall Corsa. Craig Evans managed the best park with the car neatly slung into the space cleanly and squarely


Highlight and most talked about event of the day must have been the blindfold driving in the Mazda MX5- no one realised what they had signed up for when they entered event, the look on the drivers faces as large tank was slotted into place above the passengers and the ice cold water was poured in. The object of this event was the passenger had to navigate the blindfolded driver up threw a slalom round the top loop of kart track and back down threw another slalom and into the finish box.

Best Burnout was won by Big Dave in the muti-colour BMW 3series. Entrants had one minute to put on the best display and make the most tyre smoke.


Donald Riddle kindly offered to raffle a passengers seat in his Mitsubishi Evo Rally car, the person with the winning ticket got 3 hot laps in the car, This is a wee taster of whats to come on 18th August  2012 –As Lewis Car Club organises its 5th Rally Hebrides

The Toyota Starlet driven by Derek beaton pulled of the Best Drift, he drifted the green Toyota beautifully round the 2 drift sections of the course