About Autotesting

What is Autotesting?

The art of autotesting is the ability to follow a defined route around a set of markers, with stop astride lines and changes of direction, necessitating the use of forward and reverse gears. All this is against the clock, so maintaining the momentum to minimise time loss during the manoeuvres is essential.
Autotest events are open to drivers over the age of 16, those without a full license being limited to a car of not more than 1400cc.

Autotesting is one of the most inexpensive motorsports available, standard road cars can be used and double drives are allowed, so car sharing can further reduce the costs of the events.

Events normally have several tests to complete and drivers will normally gets two attempts at each test. The overall winner of an event is the driver with the lowest accumulative time over a fixed number of tests. Awards are also available for the fastest time in each class, so whatever you drive you have a good chance of doing well in an event, and doing well in the championship.