What is Autotesting?

The art of autotesting is the ability to follow a defined route around a set of markers, with stop astride lines and changes of direction, necessitating the use of forward and reverse gears. All this is against the clock, so following the course correctly and maintaining the car’s momentum to minimise time loss during the manoeuvres is essential.

The fastest driver is usually the smoothest; pushing the car to the limit can be quicker, but any mistakes cost a lot of time.

Autotesting is one of the most inexpensive motorsports available, standard road cars can be used and double drives are allowed, so car sharing can further reduce the costs of the events.

Event costs are:
LCC Membership – £20 (annual, Jan-Dec)
Entry Fee – £12
Plus whatever fuel you burn!

The car’s range from a totally standard road car, through to purpose built specials. The main advantage these special builds have is much lower weight, and also greater maneuverability; these two factors, combined with short ratio gearboxes, make for very quick cars, although ultimately it is still down to the driver!

Locally, the most successful cars over recent years have been:

Mazda MX-5
Ford Ka
Ford Fiesta
Rover 25/ MG ZR
Volvo 240 & 360
Subaru Impreza

As you can see, very varied!

For a beginner, small and Front Wheel Drive with a good handbrake would be an ideal starting point, but the class system used gives everyone a fair chance no matter what they’re driving.

Events comprise of one or more tests (courses); each driver will have at least two attempts at each test. The winner of an event is the driver with the lowest accumulative time combining their run and any penalties acquired.