The first of our Summertime Friday evening fixtures at the Creed Park Motorsport And Driver Training Facility, the slightly delayed May instalment of the Lewis Car Club / Motoplus Garage Services 2013 Autotest Championship proved to be a hit with the drivers and spectators; another fast and flowing track (this time planned out by Dan and Callum) allowing for a good bit of fun, combined with a lovely sunny evening free from the usual stiff breeze and/or midges!!



So, onto the evening re-cap:

First out was Dan, and as you’ve just seen he had things pretty well nailed down on the night! Crazy wasn’t living up to his nickname, but it did show that the 360 can set pretty quick times even when it isn’t being thrown around!

Shaun and Chingers were giving the BMW a fair hammering, with times not necessarily a priority!


Callum Taylor had his own Beemer in action, and was suffering from similar tyre issues others were encountering, with too much grip making for rapidly shredded rubber!

Janis’ LET Kadett suffered mechanical issues early on, but it was interesting to see it struggling to get the turbo spooled within the confines of the course, proving that power really isn’t everything!

Tim’s flat-to-floor shift was doing a brilliant job of clearing the seagulls next-door, but there was a wee bit of controversy later on following a driver swap when it appeared to be quicker to dawdle round the track in true Rover fashion, although it remains up for debate as to whether there were any sense-of-direction issues involved…

Andy White’s showing in the Clio proves that it’s perfectly possible to drive to the track, set a respectable time with a clean run, and drive home again!

Next, onto the autograss specials!

Murdo was showing a good bit of stylistic flair, throwing the XE Starlet round in spectacular fashion, and still setting blistering times!

Louis and Kenny were getting some good runs in with the Mk2, striking the balance between having a blast and getting the times in!

New to the timing sheets is the Peels’ Fiat Cinquecento; built in a similar vein to Ali and Wan’s old Mini, it runs a 1400 Vauxhall engine, mounted on a custom subframe in the back of the car. This, combined with a very short wheelbase and a huge degree of steering lock, makes for one of the most visually entertaining drives of the night, the wee beast showing a clean pair of heels when it stays in a straight line long enough!!



And that was that! A great evening had by all, and again big thanks to the guys making it all happen!!


With only a week to wait until the next round of the Championship, there wasn’t much time to recover!



Our timekeeper for the night; in a catalogue near you soon!




Event Results :

Driver Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Run 4 Run 5 Fastest Position Points
Dan n/a 1:18.00 1:34.00 n/a 1:09.00 1:09.00 1st 25
Ian Peel 1:12.00 1:13.00 1:16.00 1:13.00 n/a 1:12.00 2nd 18
Kenny B 1:19.00 1:15.00 1:22.00 n/a n/a 1:15.00 3rd = 15
Murdo 1:27.30 1:15.00 1:46.00 1:15.00 n/a 1:15.00 3rd = 15
Andy W 1:24.00 1:34.00 1:17.00 1:16.00 1:15.00 1:15.00 3rd = 15
Tim 1:20.00 1:21.00 1:20.00 1:19.00 1:16.00 1:16.00 6th 8
Chris 1:33.80 1:20.00 1:27.00 1:17.00 n/a 1:17.00 7th 6
Louis 1:19.00 1:20.00 1:30.00 n/a n/a 1:19.00 8th 4
Janis 1:22.00 1:21.00 n/a n/a n/a 1:21.00 9th 2
Shaun 1:22.00 1:30.00 1:34.00 n/a n/a 1:22.00 10th 1
Callum T n/a 1:30.00 1:38.00 n/a n/a 1:30.00 11th 0
Chingers 1:31.00 n/a 1:40.00 n/a n/a 1:31.00 12th 0