The Track Is Back In Action!!


Following the extensive revamp of our facility, it was decided to run the three postponed Autotest rounds in the course of one day, which was very well received by the drivers, so again big thanks to the Committee for organising it all!

Kicking off at 10am with the February round, there was a good turn out with 12 drivers signed up and their cars all meeting the scrutineer’s standard (with the help of a few cable ties…)


Another well designed course, only the front section of the circuit was used, incorporting the main straight and top loop, and using the newly re-surfaced roundabout as the midpoint of the run, there were plenty opportunities to perform whilst still providing the complex direction changes that separate the brilliant from the good!


Forging the path was Dave in the Beemer, throwing it around the course in a relatively quick fashion, despite the smokescreen!

Next out was Norman Fergie in the Carlton, clearly displaying his usual concerns over tyre degradation. The F1 boys would learn a lot from a visit to the Island!

Callum Taylor up next in another of Bavaria’s finest, and as predicted the extra seat time is beginning to show a real difference on the time sheet and the crowd-pleasing.

Team Brickin’ It had the wee Ovlov out again, fresh from some Spring development work, and Dan was making full use of the improvements, throwing the car around in an apparently effortless manner!

Another freshly sorted car was Ali and Wan’s Fiesta autograsser; running a hot Pinto and rear wheel drive, it was fresh from an engine overhaul, with Ali piloting it around the track in very quick time, whilst making it all look so easy!

Tim Pitt had the Rover Asbo out, part of his plans to give it a new lease of life as a track weapon; looking at the times, one can only imagine what it’ll be like with second gear…

Next up was Janis, suffering mechanical difficulties with his first steer of the day, but the Focus was soon brought in as a replacement, setting some pretty good times.

Poor Murdo was spoilt for choice, torn between the mighty MX-5 and the bonkers Starlet autograsser! The XE’d Toyota won out though, setting blistering times in his able hands, again making it all look easy!

A prime example of the difference made when a driver knows their car was given by Crazy Chris, still trying to get to grips (although perhaps that’s not the best choice of words…) with the 360. Now screaming on bike-carbs, the car has a lot of potential, as can be seen when Dan drives it!!

Craig Evans had his new small slice of Munich out, but a temperamental fuel pump saw him struggling, with an early retirement decided upon for the bastion of Germanic reliability.

Wan looked to be having fun with the Fiesta, but his times just weren’t on a par with Ali’s, not that he seemed too fussed…

Morris Fergie also had a shot of the Carlton, again showing the rest how tyre management should be done!


After a short break for lunch/repairs, it was time for the March Autotest!


He saved it too...
Event Results :

Driver/Car Penalties Fastest Run Points
1 Craig Evans
Ford Fiesta
0 1:30.70 25
2 Murdo Campbell
Toyota Starlet
0 1:31.40 18
3 Callum Taylor
BMW 325
0 1:32.00 15
4 Norman Fergie
Vauxhall Carlton
0 1:35.40 12
5 Louis Don
Ford Escort
0 1:36.10 10
6 Dan Pitt
Volvo 360
0 1:37.50 8
7 Janis Cerins
Ford Focus
0 1:38.60 6
8 Tim Pitt
Rover 25
0 1:40.00 6
9 Liam Shearsmith    MX-5 0 1:41.00 4
10 Ali Macleod           MX-5 0 1:45.10 2
11 Conner Macaulay   Ford Fiesta 0 1:50.20 1
12 Chris MacArthur
Volvo 360
0 1:52.40 0
13 John Campbell
Ford Fiesta
0 1:55.30 0
14 Dave Macleod      BMW 320 0 1:58.50 0