2009 – AutoTest’s


Lewis Car Club has recently revived the idea of Autotesting. It was decided to hold a small informal event in October 09 to gauge the local interest and the capability of the Club to hold such an event. Friday 16th October, 7.00pm at the Karting Centre was chosen. For detail of this go to October Autotest 2009.


Lewis Car Club has just announced an all forward Autotest planned for Saturday 21st November. This event is open to all members.

The entry list is officially open when the supplementary regulations are published, they can be viewed here – LCC Supplementary Regulations- Nov 09.doc

Application forms for the event can be downloaded and viewed here -LCC Autotest entry form -Oct 09.doc.

22/11/09 – A good day was had by all,plenty of fun and lots of sideways action. The track was very slippery in places, the top loop especially so- caught a few drivers out.For details go to November Autotest 2009


26/12/09- Unfortunately the Boxing Day event was postponed due to thick ice on the track.