The first point-scoring round of the 2013 Championship, the course was familiar to those that made it out on Boxing Day, and proved popular with the drivers, combining fast and flowing sections with true tests of steering lock!

Team Evans was setting the pace, with Team Riddle pushing them hard for the podium spots, eventually coming out on top.

Murdo and Derek had the faithful MX-5 out again, with Team Linkmap running them close on the timesheet.

Andy Twort’s times were consistently improving in the wee MG, keeping up with the Japanese imitators!

Chingers also managed some good times, whilst chucking the 924 around in style.

Calum Taylor is getting the hang of the lairy BMW, he should be putting in some good times in the next few months!

Louis had the Mk2 Escort going sideways in style, making for some excellent spectating!

Ali had a mixed day, being quick in the Ka and lairy in the MX-5s, looked like good fun!

Fergie was putting on a good show in the Carlton, again proving it to be surprisingly agile in the right hands.

Team Brickin’ It  (Dan and Chris) were giving the wee Volvo another shakedown run, Dan putting in quick times in a car that looks to be a potential challenger for the title (once it’s running properly…)


Thanks to all those in attendance at a fun day out the track, here’s looking forward to the next one!

Event Results :

Driver/Car Penalties Fastest Run Points
1 Donald Riddel
Ford Ka
0 1:33.08 25
2 James MacLeod
Ford Ka
0 1:38.40 18
3 Steven Evans
Ford Fiesta
0 1:39.90 15
4 Craig Evans
Ford Fiesta
0 1:41.70 12
5 Dan Pitt
Volvo 360
0 1:42.40 10
6 Murdo Campbell
Mazda MX-5
0 1:44.40 8
7 Colin Linklater
Linkmap MX-5
0 1:49.53 6
8 Andrew Twort
MG Midget
0 1:50.10 4
9 Chingers
Porsche 924
0 1:50.30 2
10 Derek Beaton
Mazda MX-5
0 1:53.97 1
11 Chris MacArthur
Volvo 360
0 1:57.97 0
12 Ali Macleod
Ford Ka
0 1:58.12 0
13 Norman Fergie
Vauxhall Carlton
0 2:00.10 0
14 Louis D Maclennan
Ford Escort
0 2:09.60 0
15 Calum Taylor
BMW 325
0 2:25.03 0