A good start to the new year. Sixteen competitors- all in early and all the paperwork complete 15 mins before start. This gave us a chance to have a walk round the track. It was agreed at the start that we would try and keep to the course and apply penalties. This led to some very tidy driving throughout the event- hardly any cones died.

A big thanks to the ‘boys’ who turned up early to ensure that all was in order and setup the track before the rest even got there. We were very lucky with the day, very cold but reasonably dry. It was good to see some of the old faces coming out to partake and spectate.

As seems to be the case- the track was exceptionally slippery, the ‘top’ corner and round ‘the back area’ being the worst. The front wheel drives proved to be particulary difficult with some displays of ‘slight understeer’ , isn’t that right Jim.











Event Results  :

          Time                Penalty’s                 Total                       Point’s
1 Derick BeatonMazda MX5 0 1.44.00 25
2 Murdo CampbellMazda MX5 0 1.44.16 18
3 Kenny MacArthurAudi Coupe 0 1.44.25 15
4 Craig EvansFord Fiesta 0 1.44.47 12
5 Steven EvansFord Fiesta 0 1.46.06 10
6 Gavin LomaxAudi Coupe 0 1.48.40 8
7 Stuart EvansFord Fiesta 0 1.50.78 6
8 Ali MacleodMini-Special 0 1.51.43 4
9 John CampbellMini- Special 0 1.51.62 2
10 Donald FlaggRenault Clio 0 1.53.22 1
11 Ryan MacleodHyundai Car 0   1.54.19 0
12 Jim CurrieFocus ST 0 1.54.75 0
13 Calum TaylorHyundai Car 0 1.55.88 0
14 Liam ShearsmithOpel Manta 0 1.58.40 0
15 Dave MacleodBMW 0 2.02.25 0
16 Louis D MaclennanFord Escort Retired

Drive of the day must go to Kenny MacArthur, who on his first ever outing in the 2.3 Audi Coupe Quattro managed to get a third spot. It wasn’t clear if Kenny knew what he was getting into when he appeared with another other newbie, Gavin ( who did know what he was getting into) – Gavin displayed some interesting driving at the roundabout – and it would seem that more will come as they get used to the Audi

Liam Shearsmith, although not the quickest time showed  great car control and had the Manta sliding about nicely- its been a while since Liam has been out – but you would never know it.

The Evans boys were again competitive – no supper for Craig again as he beat his old man – Steven should have thrown out Stuart for the last run again. It looks as though at the rate Stuart is progressing he will beat them both.

Wan and Ali both had consistant times in the Mini special- the car running very well today, and it certainly looked like the boys are getting to grips with the tail happy beast.
For some reason Flaggy was  the only driver on the day who was making his tyres squeal- he was fighting the Clio hard going between grip ( and squeal) to understeer.

Murdo came out of the traps today on a mission- we haven’t seen him driving so cleanly for a while – he approaches all events with the same aggression , however today he really put in good clean runs and was visibly quick.

As normal, Derick drove immaculately with fine balance between speed and flair. Undoubted driving skill and a lesson in driving to all.

The MX5 today was a pleasure to watch with both drivers showing great levels of speed and skill.

Louis Don suffered a mechanical problem on his first run and had to withdraw- hopefully not too serious and we will see him in later events.

Thanks to all those that turned up to take part and spectate today.

Have a look here for a Video of the event.

And how it should be done:   The winning drive   onboard with derick