Our next Track Works date is: Saturday 4th January.

In the last few months of 2012 Lewis Car Club made the decision to carry out extensive changes to their race track. The facility was originally deigned for go-kart racing but due to it’s unique spacious design it was possible to safely allow cars to run on the circuit. Many events including Rally Hebrides’ hotly contested ‘Tarmac Super Special’ have been held here. The current upgrades will allow a greater range of car events as well as new track lay outs and a much improved pit lane and paddock area. The spectators haven’t been left out either, the car park has been raised and sloped to create a natural viewing area, the island in the middle of the track is being removed to allow spectators to see all the action at the back of the track too. In some of the pictures you will see the office/porta-cabin has been ‘dismantled’ so it can be replaced with- well, we don’t want to spoil it all for you now do we, check back soon to see what’s going to replace it or why not come out to the track next time we’re there?
The track before work started in October 2012:

Before Novemver 24th:

November 24th:

December 29th and 31st:
Thanks to:
Alex John Mackenzie @ AMK Plant Hire;
Ian&Norman Maciver @ Hebridean Plant Hire;
Angus Mackay@ Angus Mackay & Sons, Coll;
Donald Mackay@ Groundtracks;
Buddy @ D. Mackay & Sons;
Alasdair Maclean(bodoch) supplied a dumper;
Derick (Bull) Macleod who supplied a digger and dumper;
Calmax Construction who supplied dumpers;
Murdo (Bounce) Mackay who supplied a digger;
Angus Maciver who supplied type1 and BT poles;