August Round of Motoplus Autotest Championship


Augusts round of the Motoplus Autotest Championship took place at Creed Park Kart Track Saturday 8th Septmeber at 5pm. It had been a while since the cars had been out, with all club attention focused on Rally Hebrides.

Steven Evans posted the fastest times of the night with the little Fiesta. Kenny and Gavin rolled in a second and third with the Escort Mk2 and VW Beetle respectively.

Ali and Wan had running problems with Mini, which was traced to a wiring fault. Shaun and Chingers’ BMW is showing signing of a tired rear diff with a few clatters and bangs to be heard!

Event Results :

Time Car Total Point’s
1 Steven Ford Fiesta 53.28 25
2 Kenny Escort 55.47 18
3 Gavin Beetle 56.08 15
4 Murdo Starlet  56.56 12
5 Andy Clio 1.46.06 10
6 Derek Starlet 1.48.40 8
7 Louis Escort 1.50.78 6
8 Chingers BMW 1.51.43 4
9 Shaun BMW 1.51.62 2
10 David BMW 1.53.22 1
11 Ali Mini 1.17 0